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Bocha Kits

What is bocha?


Make yourself a refreshing cup of boba with our easy DIY kit. No cooking required. Taste the difference that fresh ingredients can make. Savor our blend of loose leaf tea and organic milk, lightly sweetened with homemade syrup and freshly prepared tapioca. Now with free delivery.


What do you get?

  • A chilled 96 oz container of our premium milk tea blend of your choice  
  • 6 lids
  • 6 boba straws
  • 6 plastic cups (16 oz)
  • 1 disposable serving spoon for scooping boba
  • A container of freshly made tapioca in homemade syrup
  • FREE delivery to your office / home in Palo Alto or Mountain View




What's so special about bocha?

We believe it is important to know what you eat. That's why we only use a few but high-quality ingredients in our recipe. That way, you can taste their natural flavors at its purest. We promise you won't ever be distracted by the artificial tasting syrups again. 

We also want boba to taste the way you want it to every single time. With our kit, you can do just that in 30 seconds. Scoop up our freshly made tapioca, pour in the milk tea, and stir it to your liking. No cups? No problem. We bring you everything you'll need. 

As veterans of the office and classroom life, we've designed bocha to be the perfect companion for both your group events and drowsy afternoons meetings.

Fun, easy, and delicious, our kits give both the inexperienced and expert boba drinker the ability to customize his / her own drink.  

Too full from lunch? Simply pour less tea! Want it sweeter? Just stir in some extra homemade syrup. Your boba, your choice. 

And since we believe in quality over quantity, we are proud to offer premium organic milk from Straus Creamery and Califia Farms for your drinking pleasure.


enjoy bocha from beginning to end